Cyber Arms is considered an effective partner by numerous leading international corporations in the field of Cyber Security

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“We are different from any cybersecurity company, we take a slightly different look at the cyber world, we value your safety and privacy, and we tend to believe that we as defenders are able to fight, notice and recognize the multiple threats that involve you and your precious one.”

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Our Values
Cyber Arms is a cyber security company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Cyber Arm has over 29 leading and influential cybersecurity partners around the world. At Cyber Arms, we are able to immediately end your suffering from cyber-attacks, on any devices or systems, and even in the cloud wherever the cyber warfare can take us
Our Approach
Here at Cyber Arms, we can create Advancing security for a brighter future Every day, Cyber Arms brings innovation, trust intelligence, security, and adaptability to complex organizations, assisting them in preventing cyber-attacks.
Our Mission
In light of the rapid increase in technological means and the rise in cyber-attacks which the world has witnessed lately, taking into consideration the continuous development of these technologies, CYBER ARMS has taken responsibility for implementing the highest international standards for security solutions and technical systems, to ensure that the Middle East enjoys the best levels of security and protection. From this standpoint

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