Maximize business value with a clear hybrid cloud

The hybrid way to cloud value

Like most world-changing technologies, enterprises did not take to cloud immediately, and those that did adopt cloud did so mostly in a piecemeal manner. COVID-19 Business Impact Survey showed that only 29% of organizations have core enterprise systems on cloud. This implies that many enterprises fell for ineffective, on-off strategies, leading to disjointed adoption with each business function collaborating with different cloud vendors. This also spurred siloed initiatives leading to higher, redundant costs with little ROI.

Four steps to a robust hybrid cloud strategy

A future-forward hybrid cloud strategy is crucial to gain a competitive edge, empower your business to continually evolve, and keep up with changing needs. So, what can you do to make your hybrid cloud strategy strong, sound, and adaptable? We recommend four steps: 

From strategy to execution 

  • Analyze your business’ digital strategy. Does it extend to the entire business ecosystem? Are there issues you might not fully understand how to mitigate digitally? Again, this is where an expert partner can help.

  • Collaborate and communicate. Adoption rates increase when all stakeholders feel included. So, make sure you don’t leave people out and that critical communications reach everyone.

  • Measure cloud strategy effectiveness. Look at short and long-term goals, and measure your progress against them to continuously define the best path forward. Some of the critical measurement parameters you should keep track of are agility, modernization, sustainability, and resilience.


Clearly understanding your company’s business strategy, including its position in emerging and industry ecosystems, is imperative to determine the right cloud architecture and partner who will help you move to the future with confidence. 


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