Enhance cyber resilience of industrial environments

Cyber threats are forcing organizations to take a long and hard look at how they protect industrial control systems (ICS). An increasing number of cyber incidents on ICS networks is a reality that enterprises can no longer ignore. They pose unique challenges due to the diverse nature of systems, limited resources, continuous availability requirements, lack of test environments, presence of legacy systems, and use of proprietary operational technology (OT) protocols.


CYBER ARMS’ a one-stop solution for everything related to security governance, security risk assessment, security control design, and ongoing security operations and management for ICS environments. Cyber Arms’ solution improves resiliency and lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) for securing ICS environments, while reducing the risk of disruption due to cyber attacks.

The ICS security management program is designed to develop, implement and maintain security policies and ICS security standards. The ICS security risk assessment allows for a comprehensive assessment of security threats, and their impacts on ICS, while the security integration services are meant to design and implement a defense-in-depth approach to protect ICS.

Further, the IT-OT managed security services include turnkey, centralized security operations for security monitoring to provide a holistic approach to manage ICS security.

Benefits :

By leveraging Cyber Arms’ Industrial Security Services, enterprises can ensure the following:

Cyber Arms Advantage

Our Approach

Holistic cybersecurity strategy

Security by design

Proactive risk mitigation



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