Up to 92% of enterprises have adopted a multi- or hybrid-cloud strategy.

Growing investments and cloud complexities

Recent research has shown up to 92% of enterprises have adopted a multi- or hybrid-cloud strategy. Based on priorities and workloads, many enterprises prefer multi-cloud approaches — that involve a variety of complexities:

Poorly planned migrations, latency in real-time analytics and IoT applications, and misconfiguration of cloud, and data breach or loss might result in enterprises’ moving back or repatriating public cloud workloads to on-premise infrastructure or private clouds. 

Cyber Arms address such cloud complexities –  The success lies in adopting a holistic and tailor-made cloud solution for each of our client.

Holistic cloud strategy

Cyber Arms’ holistic approach to cloud business case looks past just cost reduction, towards productivity gains and increased opportunities.

A typical cloud business case will need to demonstrate savings of IT costs and opportunities for revenue growth. During evaluation, consider the broader business objectives along with IT architectures, security, and operations—and financial implications. Your assessment should include the current and future state IT, total cost of ownership (TCO), hosting model, applications, and types of migration. 

The transformation opportunity must be identified, as well as the benefits from innovation, new business models, and productivity. The evaluation must also include identification of opportunities for revenue uplift and target state earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT).

Today, the cloud model can be absolutely borderless. It transcends not just the enterprise boundaries, but also industry boundaries.

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