firewall became the first line of defense in network security; they create “hardware or software” as a barrier between controlled and secure internal networks and non-trusted external networks such as the Internet, denying or allowing the passage of data or a program according to certain rules.

What Next-Generation Firewall Mean?

A Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is a deep packet inspection firewall that combines the conventional firewall with security features such as encrypted transmission detection, intrusion prevention systems, and antivirus systems. 

Benefits of Using the Next-Generation Firewalls

One of the principal benefits of NGFWs is allowing productivity-enhancing Internet applications to run securely while blocking unwanted applications. With Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), the NGFWs can prevent malware from entering the network by identifying and controlling applications, regardless of the IP port, they are using. Because NGFWs can integrate antivirus, firewall, and other security application functions into a single solution. In fact, they are an ideal solution for companies to improve their security core. 

Why Next-Generation Firewalls Are Important?

Since security threats are increasing continuously, a firewall is an elementary part of any company’s security structure. They protect sensitive data, meet compliance requirements and guide the business through a safe digital transformation. The flexibility of NGFWs allows you to protect your assets and your business from a wider range of intruders. While these firewalls are not the right solution for every business, thoughtful consideration should be given by security professionals to the benefits NGFWs offer, as it has a very large upside.

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