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Modern Network Architecture For The Global Internet Age

Enterprise mobility is no longer a luxury for the office network or the road warrior. The analyst firm Frost Sullivan estimates approximately 79% of businesses support “Bring Your Own Device” practices (per 2018 numbers). Moreover, devices carried by employees themselves double the number owned by the company. Add to this the need for high speed, reliable, and secure data transmission methods, and you can see why a robust and stable mobile solution is a must to provide for productivity at each stage of an organization’s growth, whether on site or online.

Enable your employees to benefit from connecting and doing business from anywhere at any time. You need a partner who will allow you to grow as your business demands it. Look to Cyber Arms as your partner of choice for all your wireless networking needs.

The Benefits of Today’s Modern Wireless Network Architecture

Enterprise wireless networks are an important component of modern network architecture. They enable roaming where wired connections are not practical or cost-prohibitive. To meet this demand, access points must amplify signals so a device can be far from a router but still be connected to the network. This may be across the room or an entire campus.

The benefits of an enterprise-wide wireless network are numerous:


Easily expand your networks with existing equipment rather than require additional wiring.

Flexibility, Mobility, Convenience

Enable collaboration & productivity with access to network resources and applications from any location.

Reduce Costs

Wireless networks reduce or eliminate wiring expenses that can cost less to operate than wired networks


Centrally deploy robust physical and digital security fixes across your network to address the latest vulnerabilities as threats arise.

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